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This is a 30 second clip MadeYouLook Media did for a unique restaurant in Atlanta. Eclispe di Luna features, exotic Spanish tapas, flavorful drinks, live music and show-bar entertainment. This clip features the nightlife at Eclipse in a way the restaurant could feature on all their social media as well as their website. We feel we were able to capture all these features and express them quickly with a snappy video you can see here.

Video and Still Photo Mix

MadeYouLook Media did this clip to features the food at Eclipse di Luna and utilizes both our professional photography and our video service in a single 30 second clip. Perfect for any size screen and any social media or website you choose. 

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Our videography team shares over 15 years in the field. We’ve created compelling content worldwide for a wide array of clientele from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We are experienced with corporate videos, commercials, music videos, live event shoots, web series, documentaries, and narrative films. We’d enjoy sharing our creativity with your business and it’s mission.